Cenk Özbay

E-Mail :
Phone : 0216-483-9253
Personal Web :
Title : Faculty Member
Education : MA and PhD Sociology - University of Southern California
Gender Studies Graduate Degree - USC
MA Sociology - Bogazici University
BA Sociology - Bogazici University
Areas of Interest : Sociology of gender and sexualities, globalization and neoliberalism, sociology of work, mobilities and the city, qualitative research methods, contemporary Istanbul and Turkey
Awards :
  • Award in Outstanding Success in Research for Junior Social Scientist - Bogazici University Foundation  2015
  • Scientific Research Support - Bogazici University  2015
  • Scientific Research Support - Bogazici University  2012
  • Dean’s Social Science Dissertation Fellowship - University of Southern California  2009
  • Middle East Research Competition (MERC) Fellowship - Centre des études économiques et sociales (CERES)  2009
  • Fellowship in Social Sciences - Wallis Annenberg Foundation  2008
  • Dean’s Fellowship - University of Southern California  2005
Memberships : European Sociological Association, Pacific Sociological Association, International Sociological Association
Publications :
Özbay, Cenk, Queering sexualities in Turkey: gay men, male prostitutes and the city, London, UK: IB Tauris, May 2017
SU Öncesi Yayınları:

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